Carrot CakeCarrot Cake A deliciously moist layered carrot cake filled with pineapple and hints of cinnamon and nutmeg

Orange Toffee Crunch CakeOrange Toffee Crunch Cake A popular flourless cake with a twist, made with fresh oranges, crunchy toffee, dressed in a cream cheese frosting.

Chocolate IndulgenceChocolate Indulgence A traditional chocolate cake, layered with chocolate frosting and Ganache.

Red Velvet A light and fluffy cake iced with a cream cheese frosting and white chocolate curls.

Swirly WhirlySwirly Whirly A scrumptious chocolate fudge cake with vanilla bean icing.

Bacci A chocolate fudge cake with chocolate and hazelnut cream, topped with a smooth ganache with chocolate hazelnut chards.